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Being professionals in a variety of design fields, we must not only care for today, but also look to the future, anticipating societal changes and emerging human needs.


Our lives today are rather complicated, and tomorrow is overwhelmed by uncertainty and fears about our own health and the lives of our beloved ones. In the meantime, we suggest looking a little further, the day after tomorrow, when the danger of a great pandemic will be over and the whole world will have to return to a normal life that will probably never be the same as before.


What will we need to change in ourselves and in our environment? What habits, ideas and things will we have to give up, and what to change and resurrect? How will we shape our relationships with family, friends, communities and society as a whole? Will we allow ourselves to be surrounded by systems of total control, or will we seek to regain our personal and social freedoms?

We invite you to found answer to all these questions by an expressive language of design works and projects. We invite you to visit the virtual gallery "Design after Tomorrow", founded and developed by the joint efforts of design and media students from several countries.



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